Red wine lover!

Red wine, Red wine

I don’t know why I whine!

Saw the up, saw the down

You are the only one my own!


Red wine, Red wine,

I think of you, when I dine.

After a day full of stress,

You are the only one I confess!


Red wine, Red wine!

Oh, don’t worry I am fine!

When the life turns its back,

I just change the track!


Oh, Red wine, I am fine!




Romancing Loneliness…

DSC_0717Loneliness! I loved those lonely times during those younger days in which I could shrink into a shell of my own. I wanted to be away from the usuality where no one interfered no one suggested or opinionated. But then it struck in the later years of my life. Years of it. I loved it at first but it started to eat me up, slowly munching down every corners of my brain, little by little and pushing me into greater depths of it. 

It was a period of realizations, shocks and painfulness yet I loved it somehow. I loved the quietness and the stillness it had. I was cocooned, so much that years passed I did not realize what I was losing. I felt I was leading an invisible life around people who mattered to me so much.  New relationships became difficult to make, already existing relationships were floating around as expectations did not match on either sides.

I was not alone, but lonely.

Then I decided to come out of the cocoon, years passed. In an attempt to snap out of it I tried many hobbies, many desperate ideas but withdrew and as a result faced many criticisms for not finishing anything I started. Slowly life was taking all together a different turn. My relationships became more and more turbulent. Then something happened – My daughter was born. A life long commitment where I cannot be superficial. She taught me how not to run away and shrink into the shell. She helped me make friends, acquaintance at least. When she learnt to walk, I observed how much she struggled, she got frustrated, called out a few names in her own language, but she stood up on her wobbly legs finally. I too must have struggled so much just to stand on my own, and many more struggles, now I am giving it away for a cocoon?. With her baby steps, I took baby steps back to life. She brought all sort of noise in to the quietness I loved and life moved so fast that there was no stillness.

Life took a turn, it started changing…